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5510 Prairie Stone Pkwy., Hoffman Estates, Il
Weather Permitting: Open Daily

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Reserve a table

A table with a maximum seating of 8 guests can be reserved for up to 4 hours with $200.00 Credit Card Pre-Payment. The $200.00 is then loaded onto a gift card valid on the day of the reservation. The patron may use this card to purchase food and beverage from the concession. The Patron has the option of pre paying a greater amount. It is irrelevant if the patron has 2 people or 8 People, the minimum rate per table is set at $200.00 per 4 hour block.

Plan a Catered Party Catering montage

A larger group (24 or more Guests) may make advance reservations inclusive of prearranged food and beverage options. This allows us to properly order and staff for a concentrated influx of patrons. Food and Beverage can be reflective of the standard beer garden offerings or we can customize a menu for your event. We have established strict terms and conditions for group patronage in order to protect the public nature of the beer garden. If you are looking for a “private venue” the beer garden is not it.

The Village Green is a Public Park owned by the Village of Hoffman Estates. The Hoffman Estates Beer Garden is operated under contract by Das Bier Garden LLC. d/b/a Hoffman Estates Beer Garden.

Please Contact our Manager with additional Questions Send E-mail to: